How to Check 5G Coverage in My Area

How to Check 5G Coverage in My Area - 5G is a technology that is the latest type or generation than the previous technology, which is 4G. This 5G technology was developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for the first time in 2016. The data in this 5G will be transmitted through radio waves that have their respective frequencies.

It is known, 5G has a much faster speed compared to its predecessor, namely 4G. The speed of this 5G varies from 50 Mbit/s to 1,000 Mbit/s (1 Gbit/s) which at such a speed, we can download various large files very quickly.

Some devices that already support 5G networks are Samsung Galaxy S20, Nokie 8.3 5G, then there is the iPhone 12 and many other devices.

How to Check 5G Coverage in My Area
How to Check 5G Coverage in My Area

For those of you who already have a cellphone that already supports 5G or those of you who are still hesitant to buy a 5G cellphone for fear that you will not get a 5G network in your area, you are in the right article. Here we will discuss about how to check the 5G network of all providers in Indonesia. In this way we can see whether the provider we are using supports 5G networks in the area or area we occupy or not.

How to Check 5G Coverage in My Area

1. Open NPERF Website

The first step you need to follow in order to check 5G coverage area map is to open NPERF Website. NPERF Website is a website that we use as a 5G coverage checker.

2. Choose Your Country and Your Operator that You Are Using in Your Country

Next select the country and operator you are using. Here, I give an example of choosing Indonesia and Telkomsel operator to check Telkomsel's 5G coverage. You can also check 5G coverage in Europe, Asia, or in any countries in other continents.

3. Check Whether 5G Network is Available

Then, it will appear a collection of colored dots that define the existing network in the area. For a red dot, it means that the area already supports 4G networks. As for 5G, only areas that have purple color points. In Indonesia, 5G networks only exist in a few places in several major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and so on.

5G Coverage in Indonesia
5G Coverage in Indonesia

You can also check it with other countries or other providers.

Check 5G Coverage in the World

If you want to check the 5G coverage in the world, you can click the big purple circle button that says "DISCOVER our coverage map 5G" or you can also directly click 5G Coverage Map Worldwide. Later you will be taken to a world map that shows which areas have 5G networks. Generally, 5G networks have been evenly distributed in many developed countries such as the United States, countries in Europe, Japan, and others. In Indonesia itself, you can see that the 5G network is only a few, even in some big cities. What surprised me enough is that our neighboring country, namely Thailand, has actually supported an even 5G network in the country. Hopefully in the future, the development of 5G networks in Indonesia can be evenly distributed so that it can facilitate the lives of its users in Indonesia.

5G Coverage Map Worldwide
5G Coverage Map Worldwide


That's all a short tutorial on How to Check 5G Coverage in My Area. You can use this tutorial to investigate whether your area and your operator are support 5G. So, is 5G network available in your area?

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