List of Affiliate Platforms in Indonesia

List of Affiliate Platforms in Indonesia - Have you ever heard of affiliates? Affiliates are cooperation programs where we can earn profits or commissions if we successfully get people to use or buy a good or service. Affiliates can be one of profitable passive income. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, then here are some affiliate platforms on blogs and social media that you can follow and proven to give commissions to their partners.

List of Affiliate Platforms in Indonesia
List of Affiliate Platforms in Indonesia

List of Affiliate Platforms in Indonesia

1. Shopee Affiliate

Shopee is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in Indonesia. All goods can be found in Shopee, ranging from food, cosmetics, stationery, home supplies, etc. In addition to shopping, you can also join Shopee affiliate programs and promote items you like to your followers through social media. You can create promotional content and provide affiliate links so that interested readers can buy through the links you provide.

2. Niagahoster Affiliate

If you are looking for an affiliate program that gives you a large commission, you can join Niagahoster. Engaged in the field of technology services, especially hosting, you can promote Niagahoster programs and services through your website or blog. You will get a 60% commission if anyone buys hosting that comes from your affiliate link.

3. Zalora

Zalora is an online shopping platform specifically for men and women. If you are interested in fashion and have a website or social media with a fashion theme. You can join Zalora's affiliate program to sell their products. Paid fashion hobbies are fun, right?

4. Billionaire Store

If you are interested in the business world, you can join an affiliate program in Billionaire Store. Focus on online book sales that discuss the business and education of SMEs and budding companies. The commission given is relatively high, and if it reaches an inevitable turnover will increase a few per cent of the commission given. In addition to affiliates, Billionaire Store also provides dropshipping programs, so you can also sell their products on your website.

5. Amazon Associates

Who doesn't know Amazon? A viral international online shopping platform. If you often shop online from abroad and have friends who like to shop from abroad, you can join Amazon Associates. Because Amazon provides a lot of goods, you can choose to sell items that fit your theme. Because Amazon is an international platform, the commission you get is also more significant because it uses USD currency.

6. Ratakan Affiliate

Ratakan is an online marketplace from Indonesia that sells various digital products. Items sold, such as e-books, video or audio content, to desktop software and web applications from multiple categories. Ratakan itself is included in 100 unique and popular startups in Indonesia. Ratakan opens a free affiliate program for anyone who wants to market digital products in Ratakan.

That's the list of some Affiliate Platforms in Indonesia that you can choose to promote something or get some additional income. Make sure you learn carefully and deeply about each of them on their own website to get to know deeper about all of them. Thank you for reading this; I hope you find this one helpful.

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