Have TikTok Videos without Watermarks with SssTikvideo!

Have TikTok Videos without Watermarks with SssTikvideo! - Do you like playing TikTok? Do you hate it when you want to download a video on TikTok, but it has a watermark? Don't worry; we will tell you how to download TikTok videos without a watermark.

TikTok is a video maker application platform from China that was initiated by Zhang Yiming in 2016. Over time, the existence of TikTok has become a large social media platform among the world community. The choice of short videos becomes the main attraction and can be one of the digital marketing strategy tools.

Not only that, but TikTok also has various filters and effects to support and beautify the videos you make. So don't be surprised if many TikTok users often download their own videos or other people's videos.

Although TikTok provides a video download feature, the video results have a watermark; there will be a TikTok logo and the owner's account name from the video that we download. Click to use the watermark removal tool.

About TikTok and Watermark

Before actually talking about TikTok to MP4 download, let us talk about this one thing, watermark.

Just like its name, you can see the watermark as water and mark. It's a transparent sign that is usually applied to content. Not only TikTok users, but other artists who work by creating digital content also add their watermark to their creations.

This watermark is a sign that the content is made by the particular creator. When you see an image or video with a watermark, that means the creators don't want their content to be stolen. Of course, everyone doesn't want that.

So, TikTok also has the same idea in mind. To ensure that the creators' content won't get stolen easily, TikTok always applies the watermark in each video. Within a video, you can easily see the TikTok logo along with the creator's name. 

However, although TikTok has a feature to download a video, users still find that the videos they just downloaded still have watermarks in them. The same thing also goes for their videos. Because of these watermarks, it feels a bit hard to share the video on other social media platforms. The videos won't look 'clean' anymore, and sharing on other platforms won't feel as good.

So, that's the reason why people are looking for video downloaders, like SssTikvideo

However, you don't need to worry if you want to download TikTok videos without a watermark because there is already a TikTok downloader available on Google, so many of them.

Does TikTok Have a Feature to Download Videos?

Yes, TikTok does have a feature for that, and they even include it within the video itself. By clicking the Share button, you can find the button to save the videos locally.

However, there's still one problem. Videos downloaded directly from this feature still have watermarks in them, so there's no actual difference between the online and offline TikTok videos. The only benefit is that you can enjoy the content without the internet.

That's why most people are switching away from using the TikTok downloader feature to the third-party program as the TikTok video downloader.

How to Download TikTok Videos without the Watermark

Have you ever used the site SssTikvideo before? SssTikvideo is a free site that allows users to download all TikTok videos without a watermark. The download results, too, have good quality and the file size is quite small.

You can easily use this program to download any TikTok videos into any format you want. You can download them in MP4 formats or MP3 formats. The process is quite easy as well. 

Steps to download TikTok videos on SssTikvideo:

1. Search for your selected profile account on TikTok. Open one of the videos that you want to download, then click share and select the copy link.

2. Go to SssTikvideo.com, and paste the link into “Paste TikTok video link here.”

3. Click the download button to start downloading the video.

4. MP4 TikTok and MP3 TikTok will be formed without a watermark; select the file you want to save.

Friends, now you can easily download videos in Mp3 format with the same steps; only later you'll need the TikTok Mp3 feature. It's easy, isn't it? Just by copying the link and one click, you can get the full video from TikTok.


Well, now it's no longer surprising, right? If you want to download TikTok videos without a watermark, there's an easy way to do that, like through SssTikTok, for example.

Of course, the presence of this website makes it easier for us to share and get videos with clean and clear quality without any watermarks. So, the next time you need to download videos from TikTok, use SssTikvideo!

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