How to Save Internet Quota while Using WhatsApp

How to Save Internet Quota while Using WhatsApp - If you ask if WhatsApp is wasteful of quota? Of course, the answer can be yes and no. This is because the wastefulness of the use of quotas is determined by the use of each. If you feel using WhatsApp and your internet usage tends to be wasteful. Don't worry, because on this occasion it will be discussed about how to save quota when using WA so as not to be wasteful.

How to Save Internet Quota while Using WhatsApp
How to Save Internet Quota while Using WhatsApp

So, if you ask what the quota is for WhatsApp then the answer is not always the same for each user. Some only spend a few megabytes, or even reach a count of GB (giga bytes) in one day. Wasteful and spending a lot of quota usually occurs when you download a lot of large files, watch WA stories in the form of videos, or make video calls. With such activities, it is no wonder that your data usage swells.

How to Save Internet Quota while Using WhatsApp

If you only use WhatsApp for chatting, then the quota needed is also only a little. There are many things that can actually trigger quota wastage in using WhatsApp. For that, see how to save quota on WhatsApp below:

1. Turn off the auto download feature on WhatsApp

One thing that makes you wasteful but not aware of is the automation of downloading files on your WhatsApp chat whether it's on a personal chat or a group. When all large or small files are downloaded automatically from the sender of the message, it can suck up your internet quota. For that, you need to turn off this feature by:

1. Select Settings > click the vertical three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the storage and data usage > > remove all ticks

2. Click OK, if successful, a No Media statement will appear on the three.

When you turn off this feature, then you can manually download the file by clicking on the media you want to download.

2. Turn off WhatsApp Background Data

Internet quota will also be more wasteful when the WhatsApp application continues to run in the background even if you are not opening WhatsApp. In order not to waste money, then you can turn off the background data so that WhatsApp messages will not enter when you do not open the WA application. In other words, WA messages can only run when the app is opened. Here's how:

1. Open the Settings menu on the phone

2. Select the App option

3. Scroll the screen until you find the WhatsApp app

4. After meeting, click the WhatsApp menu and click the Mobile data option

5. Turn off the allow use of background data option.

3. Limit Chat Backup

The process of backing up messages on WhatsApp is also the reason why your WhatsApp quota usage is wasteful. Automatic backup of messages and media on Google Drive does increase your internet quota consumption.

For that, you can limit chat and media backups on WhatsApp is limited to a certain time so that it does not perform automatic backups at all times. The method is as follows:

1. Go to the settings in the WhatsApp application

2. Select Chat and then Chat backup

3. Select the Back up to Google Drive menu

4. Select the Only When I tap Backup option to perform backups when you want.

That's all some ways to save internet quota while using WhatsApp. I hope this article can be useful.

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