How to Check Indihome FUP Quota Easily

How to Check Indihome FUP Quota Easily - Indihome becomes one of the choices of WiFi provider providers chosen by many people. When becoming a loyal customer of Indihome, you need to check Indihome FUP regularly and periodically. For that, the following will be discussed about how to check the quota of FUP Indihome so that the internet speed you use remains stable.

How to Check Indihome FUP Quota Easily
How to Check Indihome FUP Quota Easily

Speed in accessing the internet itself is determined by FUP, so you must diligently check the use of wifi indihome. FUP itself stands for fair usage policy which is interpreted as a fair use policy. This FUP policy is usually found in unlimited internet packages. Including Indihome which applies this FUP policy to the internet services offered.

How FUP Works

The way of this FUP policy is to limit the speed of internet quotas that have been used for a certain period of time. If you have reached or exceeded the fair usage limit, then the internet speed you access will not be as fast as the previous speed. In other words, internet access speeds will slow down.

For example, in Indihome itself if you pass the first FUP, then the internet speed that can be used is only around 75% of the initial speed. If you have crossed the second FUP limit, then the internet speed that you can use is 40% of the usual speed.

How to Check Indihome FUP Quota Easily

How to Check Indihome FUP Quota through Web

1. Open the browser on the laptop or phone you are going to use;

2. Enter on the page for checking Indihome FUP quota 

3. When the page is open, a checking page will appear. You can type in the Indihome phone number you use as your internet provider. After that, click Submit;

4. When you have successfully entered, open the quota checking menu. There will be displayed the Indihome FUP information that you use.

In addition to going through the steps above through the website, you can also check the indihome FUP quota through the application. The application in question is myIndiHome where it is provided by Indihome for its users.

The myIndiHome app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. In addition to being used to check FUP Indihome, this application can also be used to file complaints, get special promos, make payments and more. For the size of the myIndiHome application is certainly not too big so you do not worry because it will not hamper the performance of your phone.

How to Check Indihome FUP Quota through myIndihome App

1. Download the myIndihome app on your phone, then install it until installed;

2. Open the application and log in using the Indihome customer number and password you are using. If you do not already have an account, then you must first create it;

3. After successfully entering, check the Indihome FUP through the menu available on the application page. Later, information about the number and remaining quotas you use will be displayed in this application.

Well, that's some explanations and tutorials checking the quota of FUP Indihome either from the website or through the application. You have to check regularly in order to get access and smooth internet service.

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