How to Crop Video on Filmora Easily

How to Crop Video on Filmora - Wondershare Filmora is software that has the function to process a video. For those who do not know, wondershare Filmora is used to edit a video just like Adobe Premiere or Kinemaster. Filmora is the name of this software. Filmora is released by Wondershare. Wondershare is a company from China that develops various applications or software for multimedia purposes. Some multimedia softwares released by Wondershare are Filmora X, PixCut, UniConverter, and many others.

How to Crop Video on Filmora
How to Crop Video on Filmora (Image: PCMag)

Filmora itself is so popular lately as an application that is used to process or edit a video for a lot of editors and people out there because the features provided by Filmora are quite complete and the interface of Filmora is quite friendly enough to make it easier for editors to process and edit the video. In addition, the price of Filmora software is also cheaper compared to other editing applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Filmora Pro's annual rent is $55.98. Adobe Premiere Pro's annual rental price is $315.61.

Now we will discuss one of the mandatory techniques that you should know when editing a video. One of the basic techniques that video editors should know is cropping the video according to the desired or required size. Usually, this cropping technique is done to take an important screen from a video and throw away the remaining screen that is annoying or not needed. Unfortunately, not all Filmora users know how to do this basic technique. Maybe it's because they're still learning. Therefore, in this article, I will show you how to crop video Filmora easily. To see the way we crop video in Filmora, you need to follow and read this article until the end.

How to Crop Video on Filmora

1. Insert a Video into Filmora

The first step you certainly have to do is insert or import the video you want to edit into Filmora. Then add the video into the Timeline of Filmora.
Import video to Filmora Timeline

2. Crop the Video

The next step is to click on your video on the Filmora Timeline and then click the Crop button at the top of the Video Timeline. Then a new screen will appear where you can set the size of the video screen you want to crop. In the ratio section, choose Custom so that you can freely set the size of your video screen. Then you just adjust the size of the screen crop you want. If you have cropped your video, you can click the OK button.

Click on Crop button above the Timeline

Choose Custom to adjust your video freely

Click OK if you have done your cropping

Your video has been cropped

Now you know how to crop in Filmora and now you can crop your video easily. Thank you for reading this article about How to crop video in Filmora. I hope this can be useful for you especially for you who still don't know how to crop a video Filmora.

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