How to Disable Online Status on WhatsApp Easily

How to Disable Online Status on WhatsApp Easily - WhatsApp has become a popular and widespread short message service. In addition to friendship communication, WhatsApp has become a means of communication between family members to formal communication within the scope of the world of work.

Given its essential use in communication, WhatsApp has information regarding the status of the person we are messaging. Is he is online, or has he read our message? If the user we are going to send a message to is online, then when we open his WhatsApp profile, it will say Online status. Likewise, if the message we send has been read, the two check status in the message will change to blue.

In the past, we could not manage the privacy of our WhatsApp status. Sometimes we will feel bad if someone sends us a message, but we don't reply even though our status is Online. But now, through the latest WhatsApp application update, we can disable the Online status displayed on our WhatsApp profile so that we no longer need to be afraid of being caught if we are online.

How to Disable Online Status on WhatsApp Easily

1. Update Your WhatsApp Application

The first step is to update your WhatsApp application to the latest version. You can use the PC or smartphone version of WhatsApp.

2. Open Your WhatsApp

The next step is to open your WhatsApp account.

3. Go to Settings

In the WhatsApp home page view, select the 3-dot button in the upper right corner, then select Settings. Then go to Privacy and go to the Last Seen and Online section again.

4. Turn Off WhatsApp Online Status

In the Last Seen and Online menu, under the Who can see my last seen section, select Nobody. Then in the Who can see I'm online section, choose Same as last seen which later, who can see you online is Nobody or no one. If so, you can return to your WhatsApp home page.

How to Disable Online Status on WhatsApp Easily
Last Seen and Online status on WhatsApp


Now your WhatsApp status cannot be seen by others. Others won't know if you're online. But the consequence, if you disable your Online status, is that you will also not be able to see the Online status of others. Now your privacy on WhatsApp is more awake. If you want to turn on your Online status again, you can repeat the same method as above and then select who can see your status.

That was a short tutorial article on How to Disable Online Status on WhatsApp Easily. Thanks for reading. I hope it is functional for you.

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