How to Send an Empty Message on WhatsApp

How to Send an Empty Message on WhatsApp - One of the most in-demand online chat or messaging services in the world is WhatsApp. No other because the service from WhatsApp is an online messaging service without using credit which makes this application easy and popular to use by many people. WhatsApp uses an internet connection to send messages, exchange pictures, videos, voice messages, and even make voice calls or video calls.

How to Send an Empty Message on WhatsApp
How to Send an Empty Message on WhatsApp

There is one unique thing that you may want to know. In WhatsApp, we cannot send empty messages to other users. In other words, we need to write at least one letter or one character to be able to send messages using WhatsApp. But have you ever gotten a blank message from your friend? Then, how? If you want to know how to send an empty chat on WhatsApp, you are here in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to send a blank message on WhatsApp easily. To find out how, check out the tutorial below until the end.

How to Send an Empty Message on WhatsApp

1. Copy Blank Text

The first step to sending an empty chat on WhatsApp is to open the Blank Text Generator link and then click the blue Copy button on that page.

Copy Blank Text for WhatsApp
Copy Blank Text

2. Paste Blank Text on WhatsApp

Next, open your WA chat then select a friend or a group that you want to send this empty message to. Then, paste the blank text in the chat field, and click send. Now a blank message will be sent to your that chat.

An Empty Message on WhatsApp
An Empty Message on WhatsApp


That was an easy way to send an empty message on WhatsApp easily. It's very easy, right? Now you can easily send blank messages to your friends. Thank you for reading this short tutorial. Hope it is useful.

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