How to Top Up Brizzi using BRImo on Android in Indonesia

How to Top Up Brizzi using BRImo on Android - Brizzi itself is electronic money in the form of cards issued by BRI as a substitute for cash that we usually use as a means of payment in various ways both shopping and also other transactions such as TOLL payments, parking lots, public transportation such as Transjakarta and KRL, and many other things. To get this Brizzi card, there are several places that you can visit. You can go to the nearest BRI branch office, buy through the nearest minimarkets such as Indomaret and Alfamart, and also places such as stations or stops such as Transjakarta stops, and you can also get this Brizzi card at online stores.

How to Top Up Brizzi using BRImo on Android
How to Top Up Brizzi using BRImo on Android

For those of you who want to know how to fill this Brizzi balance through your Android phone, you have to prepare or download one application, namely BRImo. BRImo itself is an internet and mobile banking application from BRI which certainly has a function to facilitate transaction activities for its users. This BRImo application is an internet data-based application that is packaged in a very friendly UI design. BRImo has a feature that allows its users to top up Brizzi through BRImo.

Requirements to Top Up Brizzi Balance via BRImo on Android

There are several terms and conditions that you certainly have to understand before you can top up Brizzi on Brimo Android. One of them is to make sure your Android phone is equipped with an active Near Field Communication (NFC) feature. This NFC feature will be used to activate Brizzi balance updates.

In addition, make sure that you have downloaded the BRImo application and also have an active BRI Mobile Banking account to use in the BRImo application. Make sure you have enough balance in your BRI account. Finally, prepare your Brizzi card.

How to Top Up Brzzi using BRImo on Android

1. Open the BRImo Application and Login with your BRI Mobile Banking account.

2. Select the Brizzi menu

3. Enter your Brizzi Card Number, or you can also choose to use the Scan feature by attaching your Brizzi card to your phone with the ACTIVE NFC feature.

4. After entering the Brizzi Card Number, there will be several nominal options of Top Up balance that you can choose. The minimum top-up is Rp20,000 while the maximum is Rp1,000,000.

5. If the nominal is correct, click Buy and enter your PIN.

6. You will be asked to scan the Brizzi card again on your phone. After that, the purchase of the balance will be successful.

7. After that, check if your Brizzi card balance has increased. If not, go back to the BRImo start page. Reselect the Brizzi menu, and select Scan card. Paste your card and later will be a description of Brizzi balance that has not been active. Click Activate to activate the balance on your Brizzi card.

That's all on How to Top Up Brizzi using BRImo on Android easily. Thank you for reading.


It is highly recommended for you to try to top up with a small nominal first for example Rp20,000 so that if anything happens, you are not too worried. Do not immediately try to top up with a large nominal. I am not responsible for anything that happened in connection with Brizzi's top up!

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