How to Activate BCA Online Debit on BCA Mobile

How to Activate BCA Online Debit on BCA Mobile - BCA is one of the private banks in Indonesia even in the realm of Asia. The bank, which was formed in 1957, is now owned by Djarum. One of the banking services provided by BCA to facilitate transaction activities from its loyal customers is to provide an M-banking service called BCA Mobile. BCA Mobile itself is a mobile banking application from BCA that is practical and very easy to use because it is supported by a very friendly User Interface (UI). By using this BCA Mobile application, you can do banking activities such as balance checks, transfers, paying bills, top-up Flazz cards, etc. just by using your mobile phone without having to go to an ATM or to the bank.

To be able to use this BCA Mobile service, you must first download the BCA Mobile application and then activate it at one of the nearest BCA branches from your place. This BCA Mobile application also prioritizes security for its users. One of the additional forms of security provided is the access code to be able to enter the BCA Mobile initial menu page. This access code is different from a PIN. Here the access code is used to enter the BCA Mobile menu. While the PIN is used for the validation of transactions that we have done.

How to Activate BCA Online Debit on BCA Mobile
How to Activate BCA Online Debit on BCA Mobile

Another service provided by BCA is BCA Online Debit. With this BCA Online Debit, we can make transactions or payments in many online stores and other online services that support payments using Mastercard cards. Of course, the requirement to use this BCA Online Debit service is to have an ATM card with a Mastercard logo and already have BCA Mobile that has been activated.

How to Activate BCA Online Debit on BCA Mobile

1. Open BCA Mobile App

The first step to BCA online debit activation is to open the BCA Mobile application, and then select m-BCA. Enter your access code so that you can enter the BCA Mobile menu page. After that click My Account at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Activate BCA Online Debit

Next, on the My Account page, select Controls. In the Online Debit Transactions section, slide the button to the right to activate BCA Online Debit. Enter your phone number to receive the OTP code, and then click Register.

That was an easy way to activate BCA Online Debit on BCA Mobile. If you want to disable the BCA Online Debit feature, you can repeat the same way and then slide the button to the left to disable this BCA Online Debit feature.

To use BCA Online Debit in online stores, you choose to pay using a Debit/Credit card with the Mastercard logo. Then enter the BCA Debit card number with your Mastercard logo, the validity period of the card, and 3 CVC numbers on the back of the card. Then your mobile number will be sent by BCA OTP code (One Time Password), enter the OTP code in the confirmation field.

If you face obstacles in activating this BCA Online Debit, you can contact CS BCA, or contact Halo BCA at 1500888 number. In addition, you can also directly visit the nearest BCA branch office from where you are.

That's all a short tutorial on How to Activate BCA Online Debit on BCA Mobile easily. Thank you for reading.

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