What are Google Web Stories? The Explanation and The Benefits

What are Google Web Stories? The Explanation and The Benefits - Google, a name that is certainly familiar to you to hear, let alone for workers who have to sit in front of the computer all day, even mothers, even grandparents even though I'm sure I have heard the name of this one search engine.

With its big-name, Google is always innovating to always show its existence and expand its contribution in this highly advanced digital world. A variety of great services have been put out by Google to help people carry out various tasks and daily activities. Some examples of Google services that we often use are Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Meet, Google Sites, and many others. These services have diverse functions in helping with human work or daily activities. Call it Gmail which is a means of exchanging electronic messages, Google Drive which has a function as a place to store files in the cloud or online, there is also YouTube which is a place where we look for references, ideas, news, even entertainment though, and also many other google service functions that I certainly can not mention one by one in this article.

One of the new services that Google has released is Google Web Stories. The service that Google just released at the end of 2021 is certainly very feasible for us to discuss. In addition to being still warm and new, this One Google service also has the potential to be big in the future.

What are Google Web Stories? The Explanation and The Benefits

What are Google Web Stories?

What are Google Web Stories?
What are Google Web Stories? (Image: Google Web Stories)

Google Web Stories is a web-based version of a Story that is a blend of video, audio, images, animations, and text that allows creators to express their content. Google Web Stories is a service powered by AMP technology. In short, google services this one is very similar to the Story feature in the Instagram application that is used to visualize the content of a web to attract the interest of its readers. Google Web Stories is currently only available in 3 countries: the United States, India, and Brazil.

How do Google Web Stories Work?

The way Google Web Stories works is very simple and very similar to the Story feature in the Instagram app where we just need to tap or slide the screen to move from one web content story from one to the next or the next.

Google Web Stories Features
Google Web Stories Features (Image: Google Web Stories)

Google Web Stories may appear when you do a search in a Google search or on Google Discovery through your Google app.

The Benefits of Google Web Stories

Attracting Readers

With the concept of concise but cool visual content, readers will be interested in seeing and even visiting a website from Google webstory. Where indirectly this will increase the traffic of visitors from a website.

Giving New Colors to the Website

This web story comes as a new color in a different form than the content of a regular website. Google Web Stories can be a new color in the characteristics of a website.

New Means to Grow

In addition to being a medium to boost traffic to a website, this Google Web Stories feature can also be used to monetize ads, as well as promote a product, to become a means for websites to spread affiliate links which is certainly very helpful for website owners to develop their websites. It is not impossible if in the future Google Web Stories can potentially grow as a means of advertising.

How to Create Google Web Stories?

How to create web stories. Because Google Web Stories is AMP-based, for those of you who have coding skills, you can create stories using the AMP framework. However, for those of you who do not have coding skills, there are some tools that you can use to create Google Web Stories content such as Web Stories plugins for WordPress users (Webstories WordPress), MakeStories, AI Newsroom, Unfold, and some other tools that you can see on the official Google Web Stories website.

You can see examples of Google Web Stories in the Google Web Stories Showcase.


The presence of Google Web Stories can be an opportunity, especially for website owners or managers to give a new impression to their readers and become a medium to increase website visitor traffic. In addition, for advertisers, google web stories service can also be maximized to promote a business or business. Google Web Stories can be a new weapon for online marketing. 

That's all about What are Google Web Stories. Thank you for reading. Good luck.

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