Make Group Tabs in Google Chrome

Make Group Tabs in Google Chrome - Google has a big role to play in the world today. Who doesn't know Google? I think almost everyone will answer that they know what Google is. Google is a search engine used by people all over the world to search for something on the internet. It could be said that Google is the largest search engine in the world today. As stated in the first sentence in this paragraph, Google plays a role in the world. Many human activities are helped by the presence of Google with its various services. Call it YouTube which gives us access to videos for education and entertainment, Gmail which we usually use to send messages professionally efficiently, Google Maps which always guides us in finding directions, and various services provided by other Google. From some examples, we can see the magnitude of Google's role in human life today.

One of the services provided by Google is Google Chrome. Chrome itself is a browser presented by Google for us to use as a browsing medium on the internet, such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. The browser, which was first released in 2008, according to backlinko, has a total of about 2.65 billion users by 2020. This is a huge number of users. This indicates that Chrome is a large and well-known browser and has an excellent reputation in the eyes of the world.

Make Group Tabs in Google Chrome
Make Group Tabs in Google Chrome

Like other browsers, Google Chrome also comes with a tab feature that allows users to open many pages or Google Chrome tabs at once. One of the problems that may be encountered by users is the number of Google Chrome new tab that we open so that the tabs in our Google Chrome browser become messy and of course troublesome if we want to open the tab again. To solve this problem, Google Chrome has a Chrome Tab Group feature that aims to group these messy tabs. To find out how to make group tabs in Google Chrome, check out the tutorial article below until it runs out. Oh yes, make sure you have downloaded the latest Google Chrome to use this feature. You can download the latest Google Chrome on the Google Chrome website for free.

Make Group Tabs in Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome Browser

The first step you have to do to group the Chrome Tab of course is to open your Google Chrome browser first.

2. Group the Google Chrome Tabs

Next is right-click on one of the tabs you want to group. Then select Add tab to new group, and then name the group tab (e.g., Social Media). You can also give the group tab color. After that, you just drag the other tabs that you want to enter into the group. In addition to drag, you can also right-click on the tab you want to enter into the group, and then select Add tab to group, and then click on your destination tab group.

You can also do this method in the new Chrome incognito tab. Now you know the way to make group tabs in Google Chrome. Thank you for reading this tutorial.
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