How to Test Website Speed Easily

How to Test Website Speed Easily - One of the factors of crowding a website in addition to interesting and quality articles is the speed of loading from a website. The speed of the website greatly affects the behavior of readers on the website. The faster the loading of a website, the more comfortable and comfortable visitors will read on your website. Conversely, if our website is very slow, then it is not impossible that visitors will rush to leave our website without even reading a word in the article we have written. It's a pity, right. Therefore, in addition to thinking about the quality of the articles we write, we are also obliged to maximize other factors such as the speed of our website.

How to Test Website Speed Easily
How to Test Website Speed Easily

Actually, whether or not loading a website is influenced by the location of the hosting server used, the speed of the internet network used, the image or video in the article, additional plugins on the website, to the programming code used on the template of the website. In this article we will discuss about how to check website loading speed easily. Checking the speed of the website regularly you can make a benchmark to always improve your website. To find out how to check the speed of the blog or check the speed of this website, check out the short tutorial below until it is completed.

How to Test Website Speed Easily

Website speed tests are very easy to do. There are several sites of website speed test that provide services for loading speed tests of our website. Some examples of sites for website speed checker are:

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

This Google Page Speed Insights website speed check service can be easily used to test the speed of your Google website by way of, first go to the Google PageSpeed Insights site, then enter your website url and click Analyze. After that, there will be a value regarding the speed of your website for mobile and PC displays. And there will be improvement suggestions that you can use as a reference to improve and speed up the loading of your website.

2. Pingdom

Just like Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom is a free service that you can use to check the speed of your blog or website. In Pingdom, you can choose to check the speed of your website from several servers from different countries. To test your website speed on Pingdom, please go to the Pingdom site.

3. GTMetrix

In addition, there is also a site called GTMetrix speed test that you can also use to analyze the speed of your website. To analyze the speed of your website using GTMetrix, please go to the GTMetrix website, then enter the url of your website and click Test your site. Next will appear the results of the speed analysis of your website or blog.


Those are some sites that you can use to check and analyze the speed of your website as well as website performance test for your website. Hopefully with these sites, you can be helped to continue to maximize and improve your website. That's all a short tutorial on How to Test Website Speed Easily. Thank you, good luck.

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