How to Save Facebook Videos without Any App

How to Save Facebook Videos without Any App - Facebook became a social media that still has many users. No wonder many interesting videos are found uploaded by its users. There are ways to save Facebook videos without an app that you can follow how. The videos you want can be watched offline in the gallery in some of these ways.

How to Save Facebook Videos without Any App
How to Save Facebook Videos without Any App

How to Save Facebook Videos without Any App


To save videos from Facebook, you can use the website. This website provides FB video save access only with a link that has been copied. Here's a guide on how to do it. 

1. Open the Facebook app login with your account. 

2. Find the video you want to save. 

3. If you have, click the three small dots at the top corner; there is a Copy Link menu option. 

4. Copy the link, then go to the page. 

5. There is a column to paste the link you have copied. 

6. Enter the link, then select Download. 

7. You will be directed to choose one of the available video quality, select according to preference. 

8. If you have, select the Download menu again or tap the video quality option you selected earlier. 

9. How to save videos on Facebook on HP via is complete, wait for the conversion process to be completed, and the video will automatically be saved.


You are certainly no stranger to the website. This website is famous for providing download media for various platforms, from YouTube, Instagram, to Facebook. To save via, you can follow the following guidelines.

1. Open Facebook; you can use the mobile platform or PC. 

2. If you have already selected the video you want to save, copy the address. 

3. Open a new tab, enter the website address. 

4. You can use columns to paste the FB video link address. 

5. Once successfully pasted, select the Download menu. 

6. Select the desired video resolution again if you have already clicked Download.

The conversion process will run; the time distance is usually no more than a few minutes. Once the conversion process is successful, you will get a unique link to download the video.


If both ways of saving videos from Facebook to the gallery above feel challenging to do, you can save them through You can access the download link for the video from Facebook without the slightest cost on the page. The downloading guide on this platform is also not much different from the previous website page, namely:

1. Open the FB application. You can also use FB web that can be accessed through the browser.

2. If you have, log in with the account you have.

3. Select the desired video, then copy the full address of the video. 

4. Open the site, then paste the copied address in the available column. 

5. How to save videos from Facebook Android last is to select the Download menu. 

6. The conversion process will run. Wait a moment until the process is entirely complete.

7. If you have, the video will automatically be stored in your device's gallery or storage. 

In addition to the three websites above, you can also use other websites with the same function. Among these websites is or Both pages provide unlimited access to use its features.

That's all the tutorial on How to Save Facebook Videos without Any App easily. Thank you for reading. I hope you can find this article helpful.

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